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Big Hero 6

With “Big Hero 6,” an obscure Marvel Comics title gives the Mouse House’s toon division just ........

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Happy New Year

"Happy New Year" (HNY) is one of the most-hyped and highly-anticipated Bollywood movies of 2014. E ........

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'The Maze Runner' Movie Review: Best And Worst Moments Of The Film

"The Maze Runner" which is distributed by 20th Century Fox was shown in Australia on Sept. 18, 2014, ........

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Star Interview

There are quite a few monsters in the maze. Where they created using practical effects or CGI?Kaya Scodelario: It was CGI. We had a guy in a blue lycra suit on set with a stick and that’s all we had.Did he wave the stick at you threateningly?KS: He did, it was good. He went for it.Was it the same ...

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