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Magalir Mattum movie review: Go watch this Jyothika starrer and take your mom along too

Magalir Mattum movie review: Magalir Mattum is a film about three college friends who meet each other after a long period. Directed by Bramma, the film stars Oorvasi, Bhanupriya, Saranya Ponvannan and Jyothika.



3.5 / 5 Stars

How often have we celebrated women around us in real life? How often have we seen a film celebrating women? Here is Jyothika’s Magalir Mattum, for us, which is one such rare films, that wants the world to celebrate women.

Three best friends (Saranya Ponvannan, Oorvasi, Bhanupriya) who got separated after their school days, reunite once again after 36 years, with the help of Prabha (Jyothika). Prabha decides to take the trio on a three-day trip, and the film is all about the moments and incidents that these women encounter during this journey.

Jyothika is seen more like another character, than as a lead. She has effortlessly pulled off her character, which is full of energy and cheer. Her characterisation is so strong, something that every woman would want to be. This would be one of the memorable films in her beautiful career. It is a hard task to pick the best out of the three women, as all three have given their true best. Saranya Ponvannan scores the best, in the COOKER scene, and it is an evident proof to show why she is an ace actress. Oorvasi makes it a fun watch with her gimmicks, and dialogue delivery, while Bhanupriya pulls it off through her emotions. Even the smallest of the characters is impressive, and the director has extracted only the best, from the performers. Special mention to the person who played Bhanupriya’s elder son Karthik (Pavel Navageethan)

Right from the word go, the film starts with the story, and at any point of time, it doesn’t deviate. We are introduced to the three friends and their school days, which leads to the present, and the film flows on the right path. Even the minuscule detailings are noteworthy, like each color representing each woman; red for Bhanupriya, green for Oorvasi and blue for Saranya Ponvannan, and people who know about color language can connect more to these characters. 

The film’s writing is very much confined, focussed and strong, and that is when you remember that this film is written and directed by Bramma, who gave us an impactful Kuttram Kadithal. You get to meet different characters through the journey of Magalir Mattum, who give you various experiences. Even after coming out of the film, the characters, Prabha, Goms, Rani, Subbu, stay in your heart. The director doesn't preach and that is the best part of Magalir Mattum. While you travel through the movie, you understand and realise about the women around us and their lifestyle. 

Ghibran’s songs and background score is an inevitable part, and he is a strong boost for the film. His music elevates the scenes to a different level, and he continues to prove his efficiency. Manikandan’s visuals are worth mentioning, and his vision to use multiple long shots is seen, which is also suitable, supplementing the film’s mood. C.S.Prem’s edit is neat and crisp, with the right type of inserts and cuts between current portion and retro portion.

Director Bramma has proven once again that he is a talented filmmaker with a strong content and a noble motive. Kudos to him, for making a celebratory film like this, which is fully surrounded by positivity and feel good moments, though the film dealing a serious subject. After seeing a dark approach to filmmaking from Bramma in Kuttram Kadithal, here is the lighter way through Magalir Mattum. Last, but not the least, Suriya’s 2D Entertainment have once again delivered a quality product after 36 Vayadhinile and 24. Watch out for the surprise cast in the end.


On the flip side, the film's travel is predictable and a section of the audience might slightly feel the ending not as natural as the rest of the movie.